Value Chain


Through our strategic partners, we offer a range of services such as Airborne gradient magnetic and radiometric surveys including value adding data processing and interpretation. This service ranges from infrastructure and geotechnical studies, geohydrology, mineral and gas exploration and development projects.


Operations establishment, site planning, mine designs.
This service ensures actual effective implementation of operations management, competent process management, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement models.

Commodity Trading

This involves allocation and delivery of the correct specification of product to the correct market. It ensures sustainability of projects we develop, as we always find ways to handle and manage product from source to port.

Consultancy and Trading

  • Developing mining entities techno-economic solutions services.
  • Operational management, marketing and sales of commodities. (Coal, Chrome, Carbon and Agricultural Catalysts)
  • Facilitation of business development for companies or Governments in need of growth and expansion across the African Continent

For any enquiries about our services or if you would like to partner with us please get in touch with us.